Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Moseby Confidential is Back on the Case!

I am very happy to announce that Harry Moseby Confidential is back in business!  When I closed down Moseby a year or so ago I was frankly exhausted, and more than a little burned out, but I am now feeling reenergized and am ready to start celebrating the seventies once again.  Those who might have visited here before might remember that I started this blog years back as just a tribute to the seventies.  Moseby 2.0 will continue to do that but I am expanding the parameters a bit to the years 1968-1983.  Also, some of you may also remember that a lot of my original posts went kaput thanks to the collapse of Zoomr and, while I have not reinstated all of these yet, I will get Moseby back up and running and complete again very soon.  Welcome back to any old readers who are stopping back by and greetings to any new fellow lovers of the figures, films, sights and sounds of the seventies!  Let's Rock Again!

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