Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Far Out Films of the Seventies: Inside Jennifer Welles

A trailblazing and influential work from legendary director Joseph W. Sarno, Inside Jennifer Welles (1979) is essential viewing for fans of seventies adult cinema. Starring and co-created by the iconic Miss Welles, Sarno's film has lost none of its punch in the thirty years since its release.

Like the rest of the Inside series, Inside Jennifer Welles is designed as a vehicle for a top adult icon to share and act out their most intimate fantasies. Inside Jennifer Welles is one of the best titles in the series due to how dedicated and enthusiastic Welles is about the film. She is clearly having a blast and was so pleased with the film that she allowed it to act as her major swan-song to the industry.

The star of many of Sarno's classic films, Jennifer Welles was a real distinctive stand-out among the adult icons of the seventies. The voluptuous Welles was a bit older than many of her peers and projected a real sense of class that not many could match. Their is an element of old Hollywood to her and she is quite breathtaking and Sarno's camera clearly loves her, as do her many on-screen lovers.

Inside Jennifer Welles is served up quite well by VideoXPix's DVD. Colors are sharp and stable and the print is thankfully uncut. Sadly the title has not been granted a collectors edition status yet, so no real extras are on the disc, but it's still highly recommended.

Film lovers who dig their films from the seventies swinging, wild and off-the-chain should visit Distribpix's excellent website for more information on their Inside Jennifer Welles DVD. Keep in mind though that this link isn't safe for work, unless your boss is as cool as hell.

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